Frequently Asked Questions

General Alliant Information

Q. How is Alliant Credit Union different than a bank?

A. Credit unions are non-profit cooperatives, so their members are co-owners of the credit union. This means credit unions like Alliant offer more competitive rates than most banks. Alliant pays high rates on savings and checking, charges lower rates for loans, and has low fees compared to stockholder-owned banks. As one of the top ten largest credit unions in the U.S., Alliant offers nationwide service and competitive products: With Alliant, you’ll earn more on your savings and save more on your loans.

Q. What are the benefits of direct deposit?

A. There are many benefits to having your paycheck deposited directly into your checking or savings account. If you choose not to use direct deposit, you can use the mobile deposit feature in the Alliant Mobile Banking app (available for Apple™ or Android™) to simply snap a picture of your paycheck to deposit it into your Alliant account.

  • Direct deposit lowers the risk of identity theft, as your checks can’t get intercepted or lost in the mail.
  • You’ll save yourself the hassle of depositing your checks.
  • Best of all, you won’t have to wait for your paycheck to clear, because you’ll get instant access to your funds on pay day.

Q. Do I have to visit a branch in person to join Alliant and open an account?

A. No. You can establish your Alliant membership and open your accounts onsite at your Noogler orientation, online or by phone at 800-328-1935. Visit the Alliant site to download a paper copy of the member application form. Once you have filled out the form, scan it and email it, along with a copy of your passport and proof of residency (for example, your lease or rental agreement, your cell phone bill, or your utility bill).

Q. Should I open a Savings Account or a Checking Account?

A. To become a member of Alliant, a savings account must be opened. It is a free account to Googlers, because Alliant funds the initial $5 deposit for you! That means as soon as your account is established, you’ll see a $5 balance immediately. There is no minimum balance required for your savings account to stay open, but your account will only earn interest if it has a balance of $100 or more.

Q. What special offers are available to Googler Employees and Interns?

  • Please note that although you can set up direct deposit to your Alliant Savings Account if you wish, the Convenience card for your Savings Accounts can only be used at one of Alliant’s 80,000 ATMs. The Convenience card does not have a VISA logo, or anything that would permit it to be used at restaurants, stores, etc.
  • For this reason, most Googlers choose to open a Checking Account in addition to their savings account, and have their paycheck direct deposited into their Checking Account. All Alliant Checking Accounts come with a free Alliant VISA Debit Card that can be used at ATMs or anywhere else that accepts cards with a VISA logo.
  • If you set up direct deposit and opt for eStatements when you open your Alliant Free Checking account, you’ll qualify for Free High-Rate Checking, which pays you interest on your checking account balance.

A. Alliant supplies the initial $5 deposit to open your savings account & membership. Alliant also has customized programs that are created for just Googlers. Check Alliant’s Google page for all up-to-date offers. Additionally, Alliant extends its special offers to Googlers’ family members: Your spouse, children, parents and siblings are able to access these special offers as well. You may also schedule an in-person or phone meeting with a local Alliant specialist (depending on your location) to discuss your financial questions or ask for information about any product/service or issues that you may have. Just email for an appointment.

Q. Is there a minimum direct deposit amount to avoid fees?

A. Alliant does not charge Googlers monthly account maintenance fees, regardless of whether you deposit a portion of your check or all of your check.

Q. Where do I go to set up my Alliant direct deposit details with Google Payroll?

A. Once your WorkDay profile is updated with your employment forms, you can visit your profile (on the corporate network), click on the Compensation/Work Info tab, and then click “Direct Deposit” and enter the Alliant routing number (271081528) and the account number for the account into which you want your paycheck direct deposited. We do not need you to provide us with a voided paper check.

Q. I am leaving at the end of the summer. When should I close my account? Or can I keep my Alliant account open after I leave Google?

A. Alliant has a “once a member, always a member” policy, so you don’t have to leave Alliant when you leave Google. You and your family can still maintain your Alliant memberships.

If you do choose to close your Alliant account, we recommend that you not close it until after your final paycheck is direct-deposited. And remember that you may receive payments/reimbursements after your final check. You can close your account online, by phone or in person with Alliant at any time.

Debit Cards and ATMs

Q. Where are the Alliant Credit Union ATMs located on Google’s Campus?

A. Use the Alliant Mobile Banking app – available for Apple and Android – to find one of 80,000 fee-free ATMs on the Google Campus or nationwide. And if a free one isn’t close by, you don’t have to worry about paying ATM fees anyway, because Alliant offers ATM rebates: If you use other banks’ ATMs and they charge fees, Alliant will rebate the fees up to $20 each month!

Q. Does Alliant have any international ATMs?

A. There are many Alliant-partner ATMs overseas, and Alliant does not charge an ATM fee for its members to use those ATMs. A list of Alliant-partner ATMs available oversees is available on the Alliant website. If you are charged an ATM fee by the owner of the ATM, Alliant will rebate your ATM fees up to $20 per month – and the fees are reimbursed daily, not just at the end of the month! When you use your Alliant Visa Debit Card at an international ATM, a 1% Visa International Service Assessment (ISA) fee will apply.

International Googlers & Foreign Transactions

Q. I am not a US Citizen. Do I need a Social Security Number/TIN to set up an account with Alliant?

A. You don’t necessarily need a Social Security Number or TIN, but Alliant may need you to provide additional documentation. If you have recently applied for an SSN, or do not yet have an SSN (but will apply for one soon), Alliant can still establish an account for you in most cases.

Q. How do I start building a credit history?

A. For international employees, establishing a U.S. savings and/or checking account is the first step. Once you become a member of Alliant Credit Union, you are eligible to apply for credit cards, auto loans, personal loans and mortgage (home) loans through Alliant. Note: Home loans require six months of U.S. residency; please contact Alliant directly for more information.

Q. If I leave Google and need to transfer my money internationally, what do I need to do and how much will it cost me?

A. You can initiate this transfer through the Alliant Credit Union website. If you are transferring funds to a foreign bank, a wire transfer fee ranging from $20-$50 is associated with the transaction, dependent on country of transfer; this fee is subject to change. See Alliant’s website for fee details.

Q. What steps do I have to take to close the account?

A. If you have another U.S. bank account in which you’d like to wire money, you can transfer your funds for free through the Alliant Credit Union website. If you would like to transfer your funds to a foreign bank, there is a wire transfer fee associated with the transaction. This fee can range from $20-$50 per transaction, which is dependent on country of transfer; this fee is also subject to change.

Additional Support

Q. I need to talk to someone about my account. Who can I reach out to?

A. Alliant offers toll-free phone banking with member service representatives available to help you 24/7 at 800-328-1935. Alternately, the local number is 773-462-2000.

Q. I need to talk to someone about my finances in general. Who can I reach out to?

A. In addition to its 24/7 phone banking service, Alliant offers other financial services, including free debt counseling services and free consultations on retirement and investment services. Call 1-800-328-1935 to arrange a consultation with either service.

Alliant also offers special service for Googlers. If you are interested in having a phone consultation about your financial questions or issues, email You can schedule a phone consultation or, depending on your location, an in-person meeting with an Alliant advisor. For Mountain View Googlers, an Alliant advisor is available to schedule time with you on-campus or off-campus at your request.

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